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This site is dedicated to providing kayaking enthusiasts with easy access to useful guide and tips and other related information about flatwater kayaking. This includes flatwater kayak sprinting, marathon, tips on choosing a kayak and paddle and more. Do bookmark this site for future references!


The right paddling technique

The basic step to getting started in basic paddling strokes is to hold the paddle appropriately. Paddlers’ hold over the paddle largely affects the kayaking performance. Hence, it is vital to employ the right paddling techniques for effective kayaking. Paddlers often make the mistake of holding their paddles incorrectly. When you grab the paddle shaft, hold it in such a way that the smooth side that is bent inwardly (concave side of the blade) is facing towards you. To make it simpler for you, the brand name is written on the face of the blade. (Read More..)


Choosing the right paddle?

Finding the right kayak paddles is as essential as finding a right kayak. The weight, length, blade symmetry and grip diameter of a paddle are some of the factors to be considered before buying. (Read More..)


Kayak Stores Online

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See a list of online kayak merchant sites. Offering from kayaking paddles to ready to ship kayaks and accessories like safetylife vests and spray deck cover. (View all..)